We provide modules which are integrated by our customers into greeting cards, plush, educational toys, promotion goods, etc..

Our voice modules are one time recordable, recordable with build-in microphone, or recorded in our factory.

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One Time Recordable Voice module
You can record yourself any message in the module by using  TV1 or TV11 tool. The ribbon is long enough to record the messaage once the module is inside the greeting card.

REF: S10

Voice module: allow to record 10 or 20 seconds length message in OTP chip by using one the 3 tools described here after. Each module is equiped with a ribbon through which is made the loading. After loading, the ribbon is cut.Each module is adhesived at the back.The module is equiped with a high quality dual side piezo speaker. There is a push button on the front side to activate the message. Dimensions: 90mm x 115mm x 4.5mm - weight: 20g ; 10 and 20 seconds modules have same size and weight.All modules are packed in individual antistatic bag. 125 modules per inner carton box. 500 modules per carton box.

Minimum shipment: Carton box 125 units


Module S10


Battery powered programmer: allows to program the modules one by one.Works with 3 AA batteries. Start, Stop , play, record, program buttons.10-20seconds selector, buit-in microphone. 

Minimum shipment: 1
Palm recorder


Office programmer: allows to program the modules one by one. Works under 12V DC.Includes line audio input RCA connector, 6 background musics. Play, record,copy buttons. Phone set to record and listen the message.

Minimum shipment: 1
Office recorder


Production programmers: allows to program 10 modules simultaneously in 10 or 20 seconds( depending on the module used). The original message is loaded with a standard DIL memory chip.

Minimum shipment: call

production programmer



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